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Food is Joy, especially when it’s made with a whole lotta love.  Homemade meals satisfy more than just our appetites: they connect people.  One of the biggest joys of a passionate cook is to share their creations, and to see the delight their dish brings to people. DishDivvy allows you to share your signature dishes with people in your community, and get immediate feedback on the impact your food is making in your neighborhood.

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Our Mission

To connect communities through the joy of sharing food and culture, in an effort to provide sustainable nourishing meal options, while cultivating opportunities for skilled culinary artisans.

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Featured In

  • I am so excited my family gets to be part of the launch of DishDivvy.  Being a clinical nutritionist, it's so important for me to provide my family a healthy, balanced yet tasty meal for dinner.. but sometimes with working schedules it's definitely a challenge.  I love being able to tap into my neighborhood homecooks for a homemade dinner option.  We've tried 4 dishes so far, and my kids and husband have loved every single one.  I love love love this concept, and makes so much sense to handle dinner time this way!

    Michelle Mom of twins, Verdugo Woodlands
  • I'm a teacher and a mom of 2 little ones, so trying to juggle both gigs isn't always easy.  I like to cook and am not terrible at it, but there's days I can't make it fit into our busy scheduled. I love that I can view meals from great cooks right in my neighborhood, and picking up the food isn't out of my way.  One of the cooks I order from frequently lives down the street from my house!  It's awesome, saves me so much time and I don't have 'mom-guilt' from ordering restaurant food again.  It's almost like I have a personal chef.. really!

    Deanne Mom of 2, Greenbriar Neighborhood
  • I'm a student at GCC, in Glendale, and am taking 20 units this semester so I'm super busy studying, going to class, or working.  I'm sick of eating out at restaurants or fast food all the time ... so I was super happy to stumble upon DishDivvy by seeing their flyer at school. For way cheaper than what I spend eating out, I can get a home cooked meal that's authentic and super tasty.  Love it.  Told all my classmates already. I'm hooked.

    Chris GCC College Student, Glendale
Ensuring safety & trust during COVID-19. Read More.
Ensuring safety & trust during COVID-19. Read More.