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Article by: Jeff Landa
November 28, 2017

2 Glendale entrepreneurs introduce home-cooked meal site, await changes in law

T wo Glendale entrepreneurs want to crowd-source home-cooked meals and have created an online service to connect neighborhood cooks with busy eaters, although the technology they use to connect users is currently a step ahead of state legislation that would regulate the new industry.
Earlier this year, Glendale residents Ani Torosyan and Susanna Saponjyan co-founded DishDivvy, a website, and soon an online app, that lets users purchase meals prepared in the home kitchens of neighborhood cooks.
Torosyan, the company’s chief executive, said she was inspired by watching her mother-in-law cook “enough food to feed an army.”
She said she felt residents in her neighborhood and elsewhere should be able to enjoy the fresh food of their next-door culinary wizards.
By June, Torosyan, who has a background in engineering and product management, had begun to research the regulatory landscape for micro-enterprise home kitchens and the demand for such services.

It turns out a lot of people are struggling with what we call the dinner dilemma of how to get good food on the table in a quick way.— Ani Torosyan

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