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Few childhood memories are more delightful than those wrapped in the loving embrace of a home kitchen. And perhaps, there are only a few educational moments more pivotal than that of a volunteer sous-chef, reporting for duty to help mom prepare dinner.

Fresh, ground pepper wafting through the air, simmering onions on the stove, and the gentle lull of the television in the living room, are enough to teleport us back to those enchanting moments in time.

Linda looks back on her memories fondly, conjuring those same feelings of warmth and comfort in her own kitchen every time she chops a fresh, effervescent bunch of herbs or fires up the stove to create a share-worthy, home-cooked meal. She attributes her love for cooking and sharing food to a learned skill from her mother. Linda has been able to parlay her love for food into a thriving home-based business, as she shares her hand-crafted meals with her local audience of eager appetites.

“I recently became a ‘personal chef,’ turning my creations in the kitchen into meals and menus for customers who really appreciate my services. I even filmed a pilot for a cooking show, Recipe Hunters at my home and prepared my grandmother’s Swedish meatballs – everyone enjoyed it.” Linda loves to try new culinary ventures but never strays too far from her signature, Italian and French dishes. She aligns her style closely to Food Network’s Ina Garten, and recently won an Instagram competition for her re-creation of Garten’s famous ‘Beef Bourguignon’ recipe.

Her meals are a delicious tapestry, woven  together from decadent, rich flavors and always garnished with love. Linda’s home kitchen will make any mother proud, with smoky, granite countertops, pools of natural light and a bouquet of sunflowers to bring it all together. She has “cozy” down to a science, and all of her recipes are comfort-food personified, with bold flavors, creamy textures, and that perfect dash of international intrigue. Linda herself brims with warm, inviting energy and when she speaks, she can’t help but smile and light up the room.

Her favorite food memory was when she hosted a ‘German Birthday Party’ for her beloved mother. “I prepared traditional German dishes with Wienerschnitzel as the main course. The guests at the party loved the food so much they couldn’t get enough! 3 years later, they are still talking about it!”

Her kitchen is always teeming with mouthwatering comfort food that pairs perfectly with a relaxing night in, and a scintillating wine. Linda’s heart is full with the knowledge that her food is enjoyed by the people in her community who keep returning for more. “I love bringing the joy of good food to others… Food makes me happy, and it makes people happy.”


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