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His kitchen is a sparkling, white citadel of sleek cabinets and countertops where healthy, vegan food is transformed into nutritious gold at the hands of Chaz, the culinary alchemist. For this HomeCook, when taste, touch, and smell come together, it creates something irresistibly powerful and enchanting.

Chaz is a true artist at heart and although he’s explored many mediums over the years, cooking is his true calling. “To me, cooking encompasses most of our senses, allowing for a multi-dimensional experience.”

His passion for vegan cooking began at a young age when his mother feel ill and they became very mindful of and dedicated to, clean, healthy eating. “My specialty is vegan cuisine prepared with gluten, dairy and refined sugar substitutes to create healthy and decadent entrees and desserts. “It’s like sin, in the purest form, all the pleasure without any of the guilt.”  

Each of his handcrafted creations is focused around nutrition, and an endless array of tantalizing flavors. “I have a gift for taking conventional, favorite dishes and recreating them with well rounded, nutritional boosts to make them infinitely healthier.”

Chaz’s favorite food memory is helping his great-grandmother make her famous carrot and raisin salad in her country farm kitchen in Colorado. “We would start by going out back and milking Bessie the cow. Then we hand-whisked the milk and sugar for what seemed like forever, until it suddenly and quite magically turned into whipped cream.” Next, she would task little Chaz with turning the crank on her manual food processor to shred the carrots. As they added the lemon juice, raisins, and whipped cream, Chaz fondly recalls being utterly fascinated with the concept of combining vastly different ingredients to create something truly special.

Today, Chaz still possess that same intrigue when it comes to his personal exploration of food, leaving no vegan stone unturned. His cornucopia of dishes includes American, Asian, Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Indian and seafood delights. A Certified Master Nutritionist and Certified Natural Health Consultant, with over ten years of catering and restaurant experience and an extensive background in nutrition health, Chaz is the vegan, real McCoy.

“I was raised with core nutritional principals passed down from my mother, who is a Naturopathic Doctor N.D., and attribute my intrigue and hunger for health to her.

My mission is to continue sharing these gifts with others, so that they too can enjoy a nutritiously abundant life. Your health is your wealth… Live rich and abundantly!”

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