Get Homemade Food in Your ‘Hood!

We all have moments of food nostalgia, whether it’s triggered by a memorable aroma of spices, that takes you back to your grandmother’s kitchen, or the quick whiff of fresh cookies baking in the oven, reminding you of your childhood. Fast forward to current day, and trying to replicate these homemade food experiences can sometimes seem impossible.

Whether you’re a busy working professional or parents juggling kids’ crazy schedules… getting a homemade meal on the dinner table is the last thing on the list.  

Well guess what… technology is actually solving this age-old desire for a warm, homemade meal via DishDivvy. Our network of talented HomeCooks allows you to get food delivery near you, by ordering homemade food that is made locally and fresh by a talented homecook who lives right in your neighborhood. Browse through a variety of food, whether it’s ethnic authentic creations (think Japanese cook from Kobe, Japan making authentic katsu curry next door), or more health-conscious vegan choices (like the DishDivvy certified master nutritionist who focuses on all vegan options)… we have it all.  In addition to accessing convenient and wholesome food options, DishDivvy allows you to explore culinary excellence in your community and feel like a world traveler for the day… all without leaving the comfort of your own home.  Think Anthony Bourdain meets food delivery meets Next Door!

To get started: Input your address to order online, view dishes cooking in your neighborhood, select your portions, and checkout!

One of our favorite customer quotes: “DishDivvy is like being able to hire an amazing personal chef.. But instead of them ruining my kitchen and dirtying my pots and pans, they use their own space. I love that… I get a homemade meal and I don’t have any of the cleanup!”

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