DishDivvy Provides Innovative Platform to Talented HomeCooks

At DishDivvy, we are extremely passionate about bringing economic opportunities to talented HomeCooks. With the passing of AB 626, the homemade food space has never been more exciting and more accessible. DishDivvy provides the infrastructure to easily streamline your microenterprise home kitchen operation, so you can concentrate on your culinary craft.

We’ve created an easy to use marketplace, designed to help Homecooks gain exposure in their neighborhood through their unique and authentic home cooked menus. Our network of talented Homecooks serve the community by eliminating food waste and helping people eat better, healthier meals.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but if your culinary masterpieces are only limited to receiving likes on Instagram, now you have the unparalleled opportunity to offer your food to eager, paying customers. If your passion is food, it’s time to get paid doing what you love and finally get the feedback and appreciation you and your mouth watering dishes have been longing for.

DishDivvy provides an innovative platform to take your culinary skill set and turn it into a budding home business, fueled by your love and our easy to use APP. It’s free to sign up, and the culinary heights you’ll reach are priceless.

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  • Susan

    Pretty amazing accomplishments! I m proud of you Ani. Congrats to you and your hard working team. It takes a lot of passion, drive and courage to get where you brought it. Too, it will take that and more to continue to the next level. and you’re doing it! God be with you in all your exciting endeavors (helping bring opportunities to others, as well as building the sustaining infrastructure piece).

    With you all the way.
    Susan Marie

    • Ani

      Thank you Susan.. we love receiving notes of support from our community. The team here does work hard, everyday, towards our mission for bringing communities together, providing economic opportunities to underrepresented folks, and of course, helping communities eat better with real food. Thank you for the acknowledgment and love!

  • Mariana Negara

    Love love love this platform, and congratulations on the videos the are high quality and really profesional!!!!

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