DishDivvy Collaborates with Glendale High Culinary Program

What a thrilling experience to be surrounded by young, passionate cooks in collaboration with the Glendale High School’s Culinary Program, with the goal of feeding eager guests at the Glendale High’s Annual Film Festival.

At DishDivvy, we value our community and believe it’s important to keep the giving spirit flowing and the food dialogue open. Cultivating young minds in a communal, cooking environment is not only empowering, but it also fosters the creative appetite. Food is art, and sharing our art with our peers is a very special exercise in human connection.  

We were honored to partner with the culinary program at Glendale High School, to help teach the eager students a bevy of catering recipes, food presentation and staging skills and eloquent serving techniques. The receptive and excited class had a wonderful time, absorbing the education and wholeheartedly enjoying the practice. We’ve only just begun scratching the surface of all the ways we can connect with our community and nourish our grass roots through food. No matter your age, it’s a great time to be alive and #enjoyyourshare.      


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