DishDivvy CEO, Ani Torosyan, talks Passion and Mission

The spirit of giving is deliciously contagious, and DishDivvy founder, Ani Torosyan has been quite deliberate with her mission. People have a built in, biological need to eat and feed each other, to break bread, to satiate our hunger in the company of love and food. Food has historically always been linked to love. The old stand-by box of chocolates, the apple for the teacher and a mother’s home cooked meal, are all roads that lead to the same place.

DishDivvy has taken a very serious stand on the subject of food sharing; in short, it’s turned the idea into infinite possibilities of microenterprises. How is DishDivvy actually disrupting the commercial food space? Simply put, it’s waking up idle home kitchens and putting them to work, to cook, bake, broil and fry their way into a legitimate home business. More importantly, it’s streamlining the process, allowing HomeCooks to concentrate on their craft and not their administrative tasks while connecting them with a hungry marketplace.

Being named one of the top 25 companies to lead the future of food, which includes such giants are Amazon, Walmart and Kroger, is a well deserved honor. DishDivvy is earning its ranking one talented HomeCook at a time, and helping communities gain access to better food. It’s offering all this in a convenient way, powered by tech, but nourished by wholesome and traditional cooking practices.

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