Family dinnertime is everything. It’s when we all convene around a delicious meal, coming together after being apart all day, to tell our tales of slaying school math test dragons and making plans for the next weekend adventure. Time is precious and the evening hours wane quickly after a long workday. Creating an idea for a unique and satisfying supper, preparing it, cleaning up and doing dishes puts a huge dent in much needed quality time.

The pressure to be the perfect parent can be impossible to live up to. Figuring out dinner without compromising the integrity and the quality of the food shouldn’t be so hard. With DishDivvy, a HomeCooked meal can easily and effortlessly make its way to your dinner table, via the DishDivvy network of talented HomeCooks.

DishDivvy’s mission is to honor the time-old tradition of wholesome, small-batch, slow-cooking and facilitate these special experiences through innovative technology. Homemade food, created from scratch, from wholesome real ingredients is the way we should all be eating. Who says YOU have to be the HomeCook behind the Homemade food to make that dinner table magic happen? You go be the perfect parent, and we’ll take care of dinner and the dishes. Love, Dishdivvy.


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