We see you, we understand you, we’re here for you. We get it: you’re tired of the local restaurants, you know their menus by heart, and everything is starting to taste the same. You’re bored, the repetition of your take-out meals has become predictable and underwhelming.

Plus, you’re jonesing for your mama’s cooking; you want that old, familiar comfort food that makes you feel like you’re home. Your fridge contains a half-bottle of Sriracha and a couple of Coronas to wash it all down with. To add insult to injury, you can’t cook. In fact, you hate cooking, and even if you do cook, you’ve only got that one signature dish on repeat and who wants to eat that every night?

DishDivvy is your backstage pass leading back to your mama’s kitchen. You can access homemade food, made same-day, fresh and local by a talented HomeCook in your neighborhood. You are home now, your nostalgic taste buds are having a party and you’re invited. We see you, we understand you, we’re here for you. Love, DishDivvy.


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