DishDivvy Provides Food for Ascencia’s Largest Fundraiser Event of the Year!

At its core, the DishDivvy way is the way of love, community, food and the proclamation that we are all here to take care of each other. And what better way to truly take care of each other than with a worthwhile and earnest cause. After seeing our collaboration with Glendale High School, Ascencia, a nonprofit organization, reached out to us for an event.

We were incredibly honored to be selected as the food vendor for their largest fundraiser of the year, which generates the bulk of their much needed annual donations. DishDivvy was mindfully chosen based on the alignment of our collective missions of love, support and the simple act of feeding each other. Ascencia provides shelter, soup kitchens, counseling and more for homeless communities, and helps struggling families get back on their feet.

The event had an 80’s theme, which called for a lot of sequin, feathered bangs and plenty of neon spandex. In true DishDivvy fashion, our HomeCooks prepared each and every item with joy, love and gratitude. It was a lovely gathering with a table spread of culinary diversity due to the multitude of participating cooks, ethnicities and cuisines. The room was bursting with, big hair, parachute pants, fanny packs and the spirit of giving.

To sweeten an already sweet cause, the excess food was donated to the Los Angeles First Baptist Church for Sunday morning breakfast. Tables were set up at the park to feed the homeless, and not a single morsel went to waste. We feel so privileged to be connected to the community and to be able to actively partake in collaborative efforts that affect positive change.

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