DishDivvy COO, at General Assembly Food Tech Panel in Los Angeles

Watch highlights of DishDivvy COO & Co-Founder, Nahid LaCiura, at General Assembly Los Angeles Food Tech Panel on August 8th, 2019. A wide range of topics were discussed, such as the importance of technology for facilitating access to good food in food deserts, or how homemade food operations meets the needs of diners who are more conscious about ingredient quality, preparation methods and elimination of processed foods from their diets. On the DishDivvy App, for example, we provide great transparency into the ingredients and allergens that are part of our dishes, so that diners can make an informed decision prior to purchasing. You can actually filter by these parameters, and even narrow down to dietary preferences, such as ‘gluten-free’ or ‘dairy-free’, so that you can find the perfect meal for you and your family.

Also discussed at the General Assembly Los Angeles Food Tech event: How DishDivvy, a marketplace that connects Approved HomeCooks with Nearby Neighbors, is disrupting the commercial food space, and creating an economic opportunity for talented cooks to engage in the share / gig economy in a meaningful way, that taps into their passion for cooking and . feeding their community. (Are you a talented HomeCook in California? If so, apply here to join DishDivvy as a HomeCook Partner) . At DishDivvy, we are passionate about building a platform that not only helps HomeCooks access the commercial food space, but moreover, to build and grow a thriving home-based operation that is efficient, profitable, and of course, always enjoyable.

On the DishDivvy Cook App, you will be able to manage your daily menu, update your dish details, manage orders and hand-offs, message customers, view earnings, and more. We are constantly adding to our suite of tools for cooks on the App, which in turn, is helping HomeCooks focus on what they love the most…. cooking!  Cooking is an art form, that takes a whole lotta love… and so we help you with the business stuff, while you focus on the fun stuff.


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DishDivyv is constantly engaging with the community, whether via tech events or non-profit collaborations, or even just fun free classes for our neighbors. Make sure to connect with DishDivvy, to stay up to date on all of our upcoming events.

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