Experiencing Liguria, Italy in San Francisco with HomeCook Carolina

At DishDivvy, we’re constantly educating folks on what our platform is, how it works, why it’s needed, but most importantly, how it makes people feel.

Food is Joy
The magic that happens when two people share a homemade meal is truly special. Our team at DishDivvy gets to experience this magic on a weekly basis, as we go into the homes of our talented cooks, enjoy the special dishes they’ve prepared, talk about their culture, their childhood and their future goals. We don’t take this privilege lightly, as we know what an extraordinary opportunity we have upon us, to join communities through food and culture.

This past week, the DishDivvy founding team was in San Francisco and had the lovely pleasure of meeting with HomeCook Carolina in her lovely bay area apartment. The team was greeted with Carolina’s warm energy, her contagious smile and of course, Italian focaccia and bruschetta already on the table! From the moment we stepped into Carolina’s home, we felt like we were in Liguria, Italy – her hometown. And that’s where the magic in DishDivvy lies: being able to have an authentic experience from the comfort of your own community. Check out some highlights in the video below – and if you’re in San Francisco, and craving authentic, homemade Italian food, you gotta order from Carolina!


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