Free Download: Dream Kitchen Zoom Backgrounds

Lots of ZOOM calls going on during this lockdown, and with all that grocery buying, panic baking, and binge cooking going on in homes, we know your kitchen may be looking a little chaotic right now.

Let us help with the clean up… sort of. Download a FREE Dream Kitchen bundle from us, courtesy of the DishDivvy Graphics Team, to use as custom backgrounds to your ZOOM calls! Who knew cleaning your kitchen could be that easy?!

PS… we swear our CEO (Ani, below) has not lost her mind and started ZOOM-ing with herself during the lockdown. She just graciously volunteered to model the backgrounds for you all =)

5-Pack dream Kitchen Bundle Includes these styles:

  • Farm House Chic
  • Gold and Marble Modern
  • Minimalistic Modern
  • Outdoor Lounge by the Ocean
  • Rustic Chef’s Kitchen

How to change your background on ZOOM:

  1. Select the arrow next to the Video icon and select “Choose Virtual Background’

2. Then Select the + icon on the right of the screen to upload your custom image. You will select the Dream Kitchen Images you downloaded from our Google Drive Folder (link is emailed to you after completing the interest form).


3. Select the new images you downloaded from our Dream Kitchen Bundle Pack. (note: the download link is emailed to you after you complete the interest form)

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