Urban Homesteading: Kitchen Hack

Helping you navigate your kitchen and pantry during the COVID-19 Lockdown:

Urban Homesteading Kitchen Hack:
Preserving and Freezing Your Herbs

Don’t worry if you panic bought fresh herbs this week. Here’s a quick way to make them last longer:

☑️ Step 1: Thoroughly wash herbs by soaking them in water. Draining, and repeating 2 more times.
☑️ Step 2: Dry herbs even more in a salad spinner
☑️ Step 3: Chop Chop Chop!
☑️Step 4: Fill an ice cube tray slots with chopped herbs (we like silicone ones for easier dispensing later)
☑️ Step 5: Add water to cover herbs. Water keeps the herbs from going bad and getting freezer burn
☑️ Step 6: Use herb ‘cubes’ as needed in your cooking!


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