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Creativity Helps Us Feel Normal Again

Something that has become very clear during the COVID-19 Lockdown is that we all need a sense of progress and growth in our lives to feel fulfillment and joy throughout our days. Whether we achieve this level of purpose through our work, our learnings, our passions, or our relationships… we are healthier when we feel accomplished.

It’s true that our kids all cheered at the initial news that their spring breaks were to be extended by several weeks. But after a week or two of indulging in increased screen time, they too have started to yearn for a sense of productivity.

During this global lockdown, one thing has become very clear: people are creative beings. We’ve seen dormant home bakers rise up and create mouth-watering pastries and breads. We’ve seen retired seamstresses dust off their sewing machines and make cloth masks for their communities. We’ve seen our children cheer up elderly neighbors with their beautiful sidewalk chalk art.

Our team at DishDivvy continues to be inspired by the creativity of our neighbors, and the joy of our communities. We are paying it forward today by contributing a creative project for the entire family to take part in. We hope you enjoy it!

String Art Project for the Whole Family

Project Duration: 3 Hours

Here’s what you will need:



Step 1: Gather your materials

Gather your materials. Print the DishDivvy fruit template of your choice (download template pack here) on a regular letter-size paper. 


Step 2: Tape Down Template & Outline Fruit with Nails

Tape the printed template (download template pack here) onto your hard surface (wood or hard foam board). Using the hammer, start nailing down the nails onto the black circle markers on the template. Make sure not to nail down too far into the board, so that the nail doesn’t go through to the back side of the wood.


Step 3: Start Stringing

  • Once finished outlining the fruit shape with the nails, remove the paper template by tearing it off. Then, pick out your first string color and tie a tight double knot around the first nail. You can start at any nail you wish. 
  • Create a border around the shape with the first string, by going around the perimeter of the shape. After the border has been done, you can start stringing the string back and forth, in an arbitrary criss-crossing pattern, between the nails. Make sure to cover all nails evenly, so that the string is equally distributed to all sides of the shape.
  • Once you are done with this string color, make a tight double knot with the string at the last nail.
  • Pick your next string color, and repeat the criss-crossing patterns
  • Tip: We used 2 tones of yellow and green for the “Lemon” demo here, layering them on top of each other for a ‘fuller’ effect.





Step 4: Try another shape in the fruit pack

There are 5 fruit templates to pick from in our Free Downloadable Fruit Pack Templates. Try another shape and make a whole collection of string art to display in your room! Make it a Fruit Salad String Art Display!

Fruit templates include:

  • Lemon
  • Avocado
  • Pineapple
  • Cherry
  • Watermelon

Step 5: Show off your creation(s)!

Make sure to tag us in your posts… we would love to see how your Fruit String Art creations come out. You can tag us on Instagram @dishdivvy

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