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Eat Authentic. Eat Wholesome.  Eat Better.

DishDivvy was founded on the simple premise of solving the dinner dilemma:  that is, how can we help individuals and families in today’s fast-paced lifestyle access more wholesome, homecooked meals.   The truth is, current options out there, like expensive meal prep kits or restaurant food, are more like “band-aids” as opposed to real, sustainable solutions.  Turns out people prefer and love home cooked food, but just don’t have the time, skills, or passion for creating new and exciting meals.  Well guess what… there are fabulous, talented cooks right in your neighborhood who have the time, skills, AND passion for creating delicious, authentic dishes for hungry neighbors seeking to really solve the dinner dilemma.  DishDivvy is the network that connects these amazing cooks with diners seeking to eat better.

 Our Values

Sharing Joy
Enjoy community through food.
sell homemade food from home
Connecting Community
Real people. Authentic passion.
sell homemade food from home
Nourishing Neighbors
Eat wholesome. Eat better.
sell homemade food from home
Cultivating Opportunity
Empowering HomeCooks.

Our Story

Ever since I can remember, I have enjoyed food.  I was never a picky eater, and I always loved trying new dishes and cuisines. I grew up with delicious homecooked dinners almost every night, which forever spoiled me to expect an elevated level of quality and taste in food.  My parents were busy working professionals, who somehow figured out how to pull off awesome homemade meals every night of the week.  How did they do it?  Were they super human?

Fast forward to today, and so many people are struggling with the dinner dilemma of what to have for dinner tonight.  I was blessed to have learned the skills and tips from my mom and dad, both phenomenal cooks, on how to whip up something yummy and wholesome in less than 30 minutes.  This being said, I still find myself not having the time or energy to cook a whole meal in the middle of the week.  Other than expensive and relatively unhealthy restaurant options, I didn’t find a solution that truly lived up to my expectations and was financially sustainable on a consistent basis.

Two years ago, I was visiting my mother-in-law, who was cooking up a storm as she always does.  She was meticulously rolling cabbage and grape leaf dolmas (an Armenian delicacy) with such precision and passion.  I thought to myself:  how lucky I am to be able to enjoy her delicious and authentic food.  My next thought was:  I bet my friends and neighbors would love to enjoy her food as well.  This was the exact moment that the concept behind DishDivvy was born.  I realized that people who are looking for better food options, and yearning for authentic homemade dishes, can only find that by tapping into the skills of talented homecooks.  These skills and techniques, which have been handed down from generation to generation, are the “secrets” of the ‘secret sauce’.

In June of 2017, I decided to launch DishDivvy and pour my heart and soul into creating a trusted network of fabulous homecooks, who provide authentic, wholesome meals to hungry neighbors and families seeking to solve the dinner dilemma in a sustainable and conscientious way.  

– Ani Torosyan
CEO & Co-Founder

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Ensuring safety & trust during COVID-19. Read More.
Ensuring safety & trust during COVID-19. Read More.