Frequently Asked Questions

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How does the order process work?

Customers may view available dishes up to a 7-day window, and even order meals in advance for future dates.  Customer makes their selections, specifies pick up time,  portion size and submits the order. Most importantly, customers have the ability to leave any relevant information in the notes section of the order, like dietary restriction requests.  Once the order is received by the cook, the customer will receive a confirmation SMS (text message) with the cook’s address listed as the pickup location. The customer should reply “here” to the DishDivvy notification SMS (text message) once they are in front of the cook’s home. The cook will be out shortly to hand the order at curbside!

What are your portion sizes?

You may select from 2 portion sizes when placing an order:  A Single Portion or Family Portion.  A single portion is a very generous portion, typically enough for an individual plus leftovers for the next day.  A family portion is equivalent to 4 single portions, and typically enough to feed 4-6 people.  Portion descriptions are always provided on the dish details page of each dish, so that you know how much to order for you and your family.  

What is your cook vetting process?

At DishDivvy we strive to create memorable and positive food experiences for all of our users. Cooks must provide proof of food safety training and submit a copy of a current California Food Handler Card from ANSI accredited and verified institution. Every cook is verified by one of our Cook Support Team members and goes through a multi-step vetting processes, which includes a face-to-face interview, on-site kitchen visit/approval, and sample taste test (our favorite part of course!). At DishDivvy, we are committed to doing things responsibly, and most importantly, safely.

How do I receive an order for my dishes?

Neighbors can view available cooks and dishes in their neighborhood by inputting their zip code. Once the neighbor places an order for your service, you will receive an order notification via email and sms. The order summary email will include everything you need to know about fulfilling the cooking service, such as the desired dish, portion, and any other details, such as dietary restrictions, customer notes, or pickup instructions.

Customers receive your exact home address in their order confirmation via email, so that they know where to pick up their order. DishDivvy will send customers a reminder text message on the day of their order pickup, with instructions to respond “here” when they have arrived to your curbside. The text message is then routed to the prospective cook. Cooks are instructed to have meals ready by the order pickup time, and walk the order out to the customer at curbside.

Who provides the To-Go Containers for the orders?

Containers are included in the cost of each DishDivvy meal.  In the future, we plan to release a feature to allow rebates and rewards to diners who BYOC (bring your own container), in an effort to further minimize environmental waste.

What is a California Food Handler Card and why do I need one?

If you prepare, store or serve food, you must obtain California Food Handler Card within 30 days of starting your operation. If you already have a California Food Protection Manager Certification, you don’t need a California Food Handler Card. An up to date copy of your CA Food Handler Card or other qualifying certification must be uploaded to DishDivvy for accurate and current record keeping purposes. If you do not have a CA Food Handler Card at the time of your application, our cook onboarding specialists will provide information on where and how to obtain certification after completing your training.

What if I have an issue with my order?

We are committed to providing a joyful and positive experience in all areas of DishDivvy ordering and dining experience.  In the event that there is an issue with your order, or you need assistance from a DishDivvy Customer Support team member, please email us at with any questions or concerns.

What is the cancellation policy?

Diners must notify DishDivvy of cancelled orders at least 48 hours in advance to the cook date of the order. For orders cancelled within this timeframe, we will gladly process a full refund and notify the cook of the cancelled order.  Unfortunately, due to the nature of planning out meals and preparing dishes, we can not accept cancellations made less than 48 hours in advance.

To speak to a DishDivvy customer service specialist, please email us at

Is my privacy protected as a DishDivvy cook?

We take privacy and security very seriously, and are committed to providing a safe experience for all users on our platform.  Cook’s address information is shared with customers only after they have placed an order on the site.  Personal contact information for cooks is never shared publicly, and all SMS and email communication is routed through DishDivvy platform.

My question wasn’t answered. How can I learn more about DishDivvy?

Please send us an email at we would be glad to speak to you! Thanks!

Who are DishDivvy customers?

Most of our customers are cooks’ neighbors and people in their community- a parent from their PTA group, their buddy from the local gym and friends of friends. All DishDivvy members have to create a profile and agree to our terms and community guidelines, which results in a safe and secure meal experience for all users of the platform.

Who are DishDivvy HomeCooks?

They are individuals who are already sharing their culinary passion and talent with friends and family and love cooking. HomeCooks do not need to have a culinary degree or be a professional chef. Most of our HomeCooks are:

  • Former food industry professionals who  want to avoid the intense demands of the restaurant industry but still want to cook for a living.
  • Food entrepreneurs, who already run their own catering operations and would like more support as they build their business.
  • Stay at home parents or grandparents who are incredible cooks, who are seeking a supplemental, side income
  • Folks who are already sharing their food at farmers’ markets and other community centers
What are the regulations for Private HomeCooks?

As of January 1, 2019, AB 626, the Homemade Food Act will be written into law in the state of California, and as a result, will amend the California Retail Food Code to reflect the newly passed regulations on microenterprise home kitchen operations.  Counties across California are currently working on launching permitting resolutions and processes for local home kitchen operators.  Email us to stay tuned about news and updates on Ab 626 in your county.

Our Private Cook Marketplace: Through the DishDivvy platform, HomeCooks are making themselves available for hire to buy ingredients and prepare home-made, wholesome meals for Neighbors who are part of the same neighborhood, community, or circle.  The rules and regulations applicable to restaurants are not applicable to such services for hire.  Even so, DishDivvy makes conscious efforts for the safety and well-being of its users through conducting kitchen approvals, requiring strict guidelines, and also working with state- and county-level decision-makers to improve health and food policies.

What about other local laws and regulations?

Each state, county, and city has its own rules and regulations that may impact your availability for hire as a HomeCook.  For example, your services may be subject to laws that govern running a business.  You may need to register with the respective authorities, get a business license, and/or obtain a permit before you can make your services available for hire.  You may also need to pay taxes or get insurance.

Before you apply to become a HomeCook for DishDivvy, it’s important that you check out the laws applicable to you and make sure you’re in compliance with them.  By opening an account with DishDivvy, you’re agreeing that you are and will remain in compliance with such laws and regulations.

Is my order hot and ready to eat when I pick it up?

Yes!  Our cooks prepare your order only after you place it, which means food is sourced, cooked, and packaged same-day and fresh.  When you receive your order, it will be packaged hot and ready to eat.  Of course, you can always refrigerate it and consume later, or even save your left overs for the following day.  If you have a special packaging request you’d like to inform your cook about, you can always leave it in the ‘customer notes’ section at checkout.

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