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These DishDivvy Marketing Program Rules (“Program Rules”) govern your participation in the DishDivvy Marketing Program (“Marketing Program”).  These Program Rules are in addition to the DishDivvy Terms of Service (“Terms”), which are incorporated herein by reference.  Any terms not defined in the Program Rules shall have the meaning attached to them by the Terms.

1. What is the Marketing Program?
The Marketing Program provides an opportunity to its participants to share their passion for cooking and food with others while gaining Rewards that can be used in accordance with the Program Rules.  Currently, participation in the Marketing Program is available only to HomeCooks.

We can update the Program Rules at any time without prior notice, although we will post the modification on our Site and App.  The modifications will be effective upon posting, and by continuing to participate in the Marketing Program after any modification you agree to the updated Program Rules.

2. Who is eligible?
To be eligible to participate in the Marketing Program, you must be a HomeCook in good standing, including being in compliance with the Terms, and have with an active HomeCook Account.  Violation of these eligibility requirements may result in your removal from the Marketing Program, the forfeiture or retraction of any Rewards gained or pending through the Marketing Program, as well as any other consequences provided in the Terms, at DishDivvy’s sole discretion.

3. Sharing Your Passion and Gaining Rewards
The Marketing Program provides for various ways to share your passion for food and cooking in order to gain rewards.  For current information on how you can gain rewards (“Reward Actions”), the nature of the rewards (“Rewards”), as well as how to redeem your Rewards, please visit your personalized dashboard for the Marketing Program.  Unless provided otherwise in writing by DishDivvy, rewards do not have cash value and may not be transferred between Users of the Services.  Each Reward Action may have corresponding reward criteria clarifying the instance in which rewards will be granted.  The Reward Actions, the Rewards, and the reward criteria are subject to the sole discretion of DishDivvy and may be updated without prior notice.

As part of your personalized dashboard, you will be given a unique alphanumeric code (“Program Code”) to distribute to eligible individuals as part of the Marketing Program.  DishDivvy owns all rights in and to any Program Code whether provided to you or created by you.  You acknowledge and agree that DishDivvy may invalidate, suspend, deactivate, reclaim, or terminate your Program Code at any time at its sole discretion.

4. Rights that we reserve
We may suspend or terminate the Marketing Program or your ability to participate in it at any time, at our sole discretion.  We reserve the right to suspend or terminate accounts if we notice any activity that we believe is abusive, fraudulent, or in violation of our Terms, and we further reserve the right to withhold or deduct any Rewards obtained or pending through the Marketing Program if we believe that the receipt of Rewards was in error, fraudulent, illegal, or in violation of these Program Rules or any other applicable agreement between you and us.  We further reserve the right to adjust any Rewards obtained or pending through the Marketing Program in case the Rewards Action that triggered the Rewards has been reversed or otherwise modified (for example, if an order placed with your Program Code has later been cancelled and/or refunded).

We also reserve the right to review and investigate all Reward Actions, change rewards criteria, and modify or suspend Rewards in our sole discretion as we deem fair and appropriate.

Through your participation in the Marketing Program, DishDivvy may acquire new users.  Please note, however, that all such users of DishDivvy shall be customers of DishDivvy and will not, by virtue of your participation in the Marketing Program, be your customers. DishDivvy will maintain sole discretion as to the terms, prices, rules, and policies concerning such users, and the same may be changed at any time.  Your use of DishDivvy and your interaction with such users will remain subject to our terms of service, and in case such user contacts you in regards to a matter related to DishDivvy, you agree to redirect the user to contact us.

5. Other rules to follow
While we encourage you to invite your family and friends to enjoy our Services and to otherwise share your love for food and cooking, there are certain rules you are required to follow.

You’re free to list your Program Code on your social media accounts, yet we ask that you keep use of your Program Code personal and for non-commercial purposes.  In other words, do feel free to broadly distribute the Program Code among your personal connections and followers, but please avoid targeting or specifically advertising among audiences which are not mostly comprised of your personal connections or followers.

We also ask that you do not “spam” anyone with the Program Code or other Rewards Actions (for example, please do not mass mail, text, or message people you do not know or use automated systems or bots through any channel to distribute your Personal Code).

Further, it’s important that you do not create the impression that you’re acting on behalf of DishDivvy, misrepresent your relationship with DishDivvy, create fake accounts, imply associations with third parties that are inaccurate, or make commitments or representations about the Marketing Program.

Maintaining the integrity of the DishDivvy brand is critical to us, and so we ask you to use our name and brand responsibly and always in accordance with the Terms and Program Rules.  For example, you cannot use defamatory, disparaging, discriminatory, explicit, obscene, offensive, abusive, or other harmful content while sharing your Personal Code or taking Rewards Actions.  Further, please avoid associating the Program Code or the DishDivvy brand with commercial offerings, especially such offerings which are not affiliated with DishDivvy.

On top of the above, DishDivvy maintains sole and absolute discretion as to the proper uses of the Personal Code and Rewards Actions.  If DishDivvy finds or believes your use of the Personal Code or taking of the Rewards Actions is inappropriate, at its sole discretion, DishDivvy reserves the right to take any action as provided by the Terms, the Program Rules, and applicable law, including, without limitation, removing you from the Marketing Program, forfeiting or retracting any Rewards obtained or pending through the Marketing Program, as well as suspending or terminating your Account with DishDivvy.

6. Contact Us
If you have any questions about the Marketing Program Rules, please contact DishDivvy at support@dishdivvy.com or PO Box 821, Montrose, CA 91021.

Ensuring safety & trust during COVID-19. Read More.
Ensuring safety & trust during COVID-19. Read More.