Last updated on 1/4/2019

  1. We respect your privacy and the privacy of other Users.
  2. All activities in which you may engage on this Site are voluntary. You are not required to provide any personal information to us unless you choose to access features on the Site which require the information. If you do not agree with the Terms, then you should immediately discontinue using the Service and Site.
  3. We may ask you for certain information referred to on this Site as “personal information,” which includes information that pertains to your identity. Such information may include, without limitation, your name, address, date of birth, age, gender, e-mail address, telephone number, credit card or debit card number or other Payment Method information. If you do not provide the requested personal information, you may not be able to access or use the features of the Site where such information is requested.
  4. We will primarily use the personal information you provide and any general information we receive from you to provide the Service to you, including, without limitation, the following:
    1. To administer a content promotion survey and to provide you with the relevant Meals, deals, promotions, current or new products or services;
    2. To send you information or materials via e-mail about products, offers, and news we think might interest you. This information may relate to products, offers, and news of DishDivvy or its licensees or selected commercial partners. We send you this only if you have double-opted-in to receive e-mails from DishDivvy. If you no longer wish to receive any e-mails from us, or if you want to modify your personal data or want your personal data to be deleted from our database, you should notify us accordingly;
    3. To analyze visits to the Site and learn about the interests of our Users in aggregate and also on a personal level, to better understand your interests and needs so we can improve our products and services and deliver to you the type of content, features and promotions that you are most interested in.
  5. DishDivvy will release personal or general information without your consent for security purposes, when required by law, or to prevent imminent harm to any person or entity. We will disclose personal or general information upon receipt of a court order or subpoena, or to cooperate with a law enforcement investigation, which may include responding to requests and court orders from jurisdictions outside the United States. We fully cooperate with law enforcement agencies in identifying those who use our services for illegal activities. We reserve the right to report to law enforcement agencies any activities that we in good faith believe to be unlawful, as determined in our sole discretion. Release of your personal data for security purposes, as described in these Terms to any person or entity under any circumstances shall be based on a determination made solely by us, exercising our own discretion, permission for which is expressly granted by you to us in accordance with these Terms.
  6. A cookie is a small string of information that the website you visit transfers to your computer for identification purposes. Cookies can be used to follow your activity on the website and that information helps us to understand your preferences and improve your website experience. Cookies are also used for such activities as remembering your user name and password, if you use such a feature on this Site. You can turn off all cookies, in case you prefer not to receive them. You can also have your computer warn you whenever cookies are being used. For both options you have to adjust your browser settings (such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or other browser). There are also software products available that can manage cookies for you. Please be aware, however, that when you choose to reject cookies, this choice may limit the functionality of the website you visit and you may lose access to some of its features.When you use our Site, we gather web traffic information via “cookies”. Cookies are small pieces of digital information stored by your browser on your computer that tracks initial and returning visits, browsing patterns on our site, and products ordered and viewed. Our cookies do not contain personally identifying information, but they enable us to identify you as a repeat visitor and help us personalize your DishDivvy.com experience.

    DishDivvy, or third parties engaged by us (such as AdRoll), may use web beacons on some pages of this site. A web beacon (also known as a pixel tag or clear GIF) is a graphic image which is used to better understand the browsing patterns of visitors to the page. When the HTML code for the web beacon points to a site to retrieve the pixel image, information can be passed along, such as the IP address of the computer that requested the image, the time the web beacon was viewed and for how long, the type of browser that was used, and previously set cookie values. Web beacons DO NOT pass or read personally identifiable information about you.

    Web beacons work in conjunction with cookies set by trusted third parties that are used to assess the effectiveness of particular promotional campaigns or to optimize advertising once a user leaves a website. View your browser’s help section to determine how to configure your browser to reject or manage first party (i.e., DishDivvy) and/or third-party cookies.

  7. We encourage you promptly to update your personal information when it changes. You may delete your Account at any time, and you may opt out of receiving any e-mails from DishDivvy. Additionally, you can choose to have all your personal information deleted from our database. You delete your Account, or delete or modify your personal information, by visiting the settings of your Account and following the instructions provided. Please note that failure to instruct us to delete your personal information accordingly will be interpreted as your consent to maintain your personal information on our database. Further note, that deleting personal information will not affect the license you grant us toward User Content under these Terms.
  8. We reserve the right to transfer your personal information to third parties, and by accessing the Site and/or using the Service, you hereby acknowledge and agree to such transfer.
  9. The security of your information is very important for us, and we undertake necessary steps to keep your Information protected. However, we do not guarantee that the information cannot be breached. If there is any breach, we will notify Users who have an Account with an active email address about it within forty-eight (48) hours starting from the moment that we find out about the breach. The notifications may include necessary instructions.
Ensuring safety & trust during COVID-19. Read More.
Ensuring safety & trust during COVID-19. Read More.